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corporate Training

Corporate Social Responsibility
 is a ‘Social Not for Profit’ Initiative of SinglePointHR
SinglePointHR believes that :
Performance of every Human Being is directly proportional to his/her Physical ,Mental & Social Fitness
Every Human Being is Running a Marathon of His/Her Life wherein he/she goes through Ups & Downs & the ones who are able to withstand these uncertainties are Performers
Training to Run a Marathon makes a Person Physically ,Mentally & Socially Fit.
Completing a Marathon gives an individual the Joy & Confidence of a Performer
RunIndiaRun imparts training for Running a Marathon thereby Making ‘Everyone Fit’
Mission : “Fitness for Life”
Vision : “ Making India Run”

“If People in a Organization Are Fit , the Organization is By Default Fit “

believes and has Proved That Anyone Can Run a Marathon.


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